Are you considering a career in translation? Perhaps looking to generate a second stream of income? Afraid to jump right in because you’re not sure what it takes to be a successful translator? Or do you want to boost your existing translation business?

Well, congratulations! You have just found a wealth of information that has helped countless others before you.

The flow of feedback generated by my original Tips for Translators page provided me with a great opportunity to communicate with many translators working with different language pairs, different specializations, in different markets. The questions I continued to receive through that Tips page made it clear that there was a need for even more information to be shared.

I therefore decided to write the Tips for Translators eBook, which is a much more comprehensive version of this Tips site, that answers many of the questions I receive regularly. The tips provided on this site offer a glimpse of what the eBook is all about. The tips offered here will continue to be free and I hope that you find them useful and informative. If you do, please consider buying the Tips for Translators eBook!

Good luck in your translation endeavors!