Here is some feedback readers of my Tips for Translators eBook have shared:

I was amazed to see that you REVEAL what so many people in the profession like to hide! Rates, working conditions, useful tips, etc. in a nutshell the problems that people like you and me are facing as freelancers are clearly stated in your eBook. ~ Rob T.

I recommended your eBook to some colleagues who are now experiencing difficulty in their work. I think you are doing the translator community a great service! ~ Sarah G.

I finished your eBook last Sunday. I’m so glad I bought it! Since I finished my studies in April, I have researched information about translation. Your book answered a lot of my questions and opened my eyes on other aspects. I know now where to go if I need support. So thank you very much for your tips! I will recommend your eBook to my friends. ~ Isabelle T.

I am busy setting myself up as a freelance translator and found your tips extremely helpful! Thank you for sharing your experience with people like me!  ~ Anja F.

Thanks for such a comprehensive, helpful and encouraging site! I’m researching the possibility of starting up as a freelance translator. I have no formal qualifications as a translator, but I do have a broad understanding of industry, and am “fairly” fluent in two foreign languages. Having read what I could of what you have written, I’ve decided to “have a go”. Thanks for the encouragement your words and thoughts have given! ~ Sincerely yours, Jon M.

I am a pre-retiree about to launch into the business of online translations and found your site thanks to my spouse, who has been voluntarily doing the required research for me. After reading the sample of your book - Tips for Translators – I just had to buy it, which I did. Thank you for this great service you have done in sharing this product of your experience. Congratulations and good luck with your future ventures. ~ Ken B.

I am interested in becoming a full-time translator. I am not a professional translator, and I am sure that I have a lot to learn, as the precious notes that I read this evening from your valuable website. Thanks for all the tips and information that you put down there. I really don’t know how to start. I spend my time thinking, planning once and over, and over again on how to contact agencies, what to write in my letter, how to contact other translators. I am afraid of the fact that I am not a “professional translator”. I am afraid about my English level for writing. Finally, I appreciate the time that you dedicated for including the recommendations that you left for us in your Linguabase Website, and I congratulate you for the good job that you have done. May you continue to be quite successful and blessed in the work that you do.  ~ Yours truly, Fernando R.

It’s a pleasure to meet you! I bought your book a couple of weeks ago. You can notice that the model of my presentation letter matches your suggested model in the book. Your pieces of advice have proven really helpful, and I haven’t even had enough time to finish the book, yet. I will be pleased to assist you if you ever need any help from me. ~ Karina J.

I was reading your “Tips for Translators” online. I am a new freelance translator and when I found your tips online, I find it very helpful. Thank you for your online tips, I want to order your book now! ~ Carolina C.

I just wanted to wish you luck with your book. I just bought a copy after reading the tips you share on your website and I look forward to reading it.  ~ Rocío D.