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First published 10 years ago, an expanded and updated version of my Tips for Translators eBook is coming very soon in a new format and includes:

  • translation business information, tips and strategies
  • essential practical information for any translator
  • how and where to find translation work

Not only do I provide you with clear strategies for how to start or improve your business, I address your concerns with:

  • answers to more than 75 questions from readers of my Tips for Translators website
  • numerous real-world examples and anecdotes shared by Tips for Translators readers

This eBook includes real information you can use right away, such as:

  • models of translation certifications, invoices, contracts and purchase orders
  • a checklist of what you need to do to get started in the translation business

I also discuss issues you want to know about, including:

  • rates and money matters
  • feedback and editing
  • how to create professional invoices
  • what to include in your business plan

Check back soon for preview excerpts from the eBook!